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In January 1994, JiuJiang Jiuxing Billiards Facility Co.Ltd.was registered and established.

In May 1998, the general manager Li Dehua was elected as the president of JiuJiang City Billiards Association. During his tenure, he held 6 times of the city's billiards open tournament, which once triggered the billiards fever in the local and surrounding provinces as well as cities, trained and selected a number of outstanding billiards players.



In January 2006, JiuJiang Jiuxing Billiards Facility Co., Ltd changed name to JiuJiang Jiuxing Sports Facility Co., Ltd.

In April 2009, the company spent in Xunyang District, No. 3 Industrial Park land acquisition, start a construction project.



In March 2011, the company held the first “Jiuxing Cup" table soccer promotion match.

In May 2011, Jiuxing Billiards was designated by the State General Administration of Sports as the special table for "2011 China Table Soccer Open" (Weifang, Shandong Province); Jiuxing's representative team participated in the tournament and won the third place of men's singles, women's singles championship and team championship respectively.

In August 2011, general manager Li Dehua was elected as a member of the seventh Xunyang District CPPCC.

In December 2011, the State General Administration of Sports Center Guqiao director of social and physical education visited our company to guide the work.

In April 2012, general manager Li Dehua won Xunyang District "top ten entrepreneurial leader" honorary title.



In August 2013, Jiuxing’s table was designated by the State General Administration of Sports as the "2013 China Table Soccer Open" (Hubei Yidu) competition special table;Jiuxing team participated in this event, won the third place in the adult group.

In May 2014, table soccer world men's singles ranked third German player CHRIS MARKS officially became the image of our company spokesperson.

In November 2014, a number of Jiuxing Sports technologies won national patents.

In December 2014, China Table Soccer Promotion Committee awarded Jiuxing Sports the honorary title of "The Chinese Top Brand on Soccer Table".



In April 2015, we started the construction of the second phase of the project, which marked Jiuxing Sports' new step towards development.

In November 2015, General Manager Li Dehua attended the Russia (Ufa) Economic, Trade and Investment Fair with Governor Lu Xinshe and was warmly received by President Bashkir.

In November 2015, Jiuxing’s table was designated by the State General Administration of Sports as a special table for the competition of "2015 China Table Soccer Open" (Guangzhou); Jiuxing's representative team participated in this event and won the second prize of the group.

In April 2016, the second phase of the project was completed, and grandly held the 10th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the company.

In August 2016, HOFFMANN, a famous German company, awarded  Jiuxing Sports the honorary title of "Top Supplier".

In November 2016,Jiuxing Sports was appointed by the State General Administration of Sports as the special table for the "2016 National Youth Table Soccer Open" (Nanjing) competition.

In December 2016, Jiuxing was appointed by the State General Administration of Sports as the special table for the competition of "2016 China Table Soccer Open" (Guangzhou).



In June 2017, JiuJiang City College of Physical Education established a long-term cooperation relationship with our company on "Table Soccer in Campus" activity.

In May 2017, Mr. Shan Zuodong, the national table soccer champion, visited Jiuxing Club to guide the training work.

In December 2017, JiuJiang Jiuxing Sports and Culture Co. Ltd. was registered, from then on, Jiuxing officially stepped into the road of table soccer promotion and tournament.

In December 2017, Liu Xiaoping, Director of the Marketing Division of the Provincial Department of Culture, and Chen Yueping, Secretary General of the Provincial Sports Federation, led a seminar on how to promote table soccer in our company.

In January 2018, Feng Jing, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Song Ximei, Secretary of Xunyang District Party Committee, Xiong Ying, Director of Jiu Jiang City Education Bureau, Hu Ya Fang, Director of Jiu Jiang City Sports Bureau and other leaders held a special meeting on how table soccer can be promoted in our city.

In June 2018, Jiuxing successfully held the "2018 JiuJiang City Urban Area Youth Table Soccer Invitational Tournament".

In July 2018, the famous German HOFFMANN company awarded Jiuxing Sports the honorary title of "Top Supplier".

In November 2018, Jiuxing led the Jiangxi representative team to participate in the "China Table Soccer Open" (Jiangsu-Zhangjiagang) for the first time and achieved 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

In November 2018, Xiong Yongqiang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, secretary of the Municipal Political and Legal Committee, Xunyang District Party Committee Secretary Song ximei visited Jiuxing Sports and Culture Co.



On May 23, 2019, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau party group member and deputy director Li Xiaoping, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau propaganda and regulations division director Zhong Jinhua, Jiangxi Provincial Sports Federation secretary general Yu Min, Jiu Jiang City Sports Bureau party group secretary and director Wang Hongyi and other leaders held a special meeting on how to promote table soccer sport in our province, and requested that table soccer sport be included in the next provincial games project.

In August 2019, Jiuxing participated in the development of eight national standards, including the National Table Soccer Competition Equipment Standard and the National Table Soccer Player, Coach and Referee Level Management Measures.

In September 2019, the "Nine Stars Cup" 2019 National Table Soccer Championship, which was fully funded, planned and operated by Jiuxing, was successfully held in the JiuJiang City Sports Center, and this competition was the largest, highest-standard and most popular table soccer event in the history of the country. The JiuJiang City team won 4 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals in the tournament.

In September 2019, the director of the Chinese People's Armed Police General Hospital - Ms. Tan Xiaohong (Chairman Mao's nephew's daughter-in-law) and the secretary of the China Eco-Agriculture Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance - Mr. Liu Shouwen (Chairman Liu Shaoqi's grandson) visited our company to cheer for the "Nine Stars Cup" 2019 National Table Soccer Championship.

In September 2019, Jiuxing Sports made a table with a length of 137.756 meters, which successfully broke the Guinness World Record and became the longest table soccer table in the world.

In September 2019, Jiangxi Province Table Soccer Association and JiuJiang City Table Soccer Association were established in JiuJiang City, and Mr. Li Dehua and Mr. Li Rui, the general manager of the company, were elected as the president of the provincial and municipal table soccer associations respectively.






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